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Human Resource Situation
Delian Group has professional and technical personnel in all aspects. We adhere to the people-oriented management concept and have a complete plan for talent recruitment and training. Besides, Delian can offer the talents a broad stage.
Talent Concept
Delian adheres to people-oriented principle, cherishes talents, values developing and training talents and tries to combine personal development with company development. Delian will offer you a stage to show your talent and will try to make everyone does his best.
Talent Introduction
We respect your choice. Whether you are choosing to join Delian or not, Delian sincerely thanks you for your attention.
 Staff Welfare
Competitive Salary: We offer competitive salary and combine salary adjustment with business performance in order to ensure that outstanding employees can get more recognition and incentives.
Mandate Benefits: Delian will buy five social insurance and housing fund for employees and will also offer them paid vacation.
Noncash Benefits: Delian offers free meal and dormitory and organizes regular health examination and annual travel activity as well as various vocational training and recreational activities.
Working Time: 8 hours/day and 5 days/week.