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Security Name:Delian Group
公司目标 Corporate Goal
To be flagship in the Chinese auto-chemical industry
经营理念 Enterprise Philosophy
Cooperate with strong company; ensure good product quality; endeavor to create a greener homeland for automobile
人才理念 Talent Philosophy
Excellent personality, self-challenge
服务理念 Service Philosophy
Over-value service, customer orientation
质量理念 Quality Philosophy
Quality first, service foremost
品牌理念 Brand Philosophy
Brand localization
团队管理 Team management
Talents are the foundation of an enterprise. We are capable of using forward-looking vision to establish a future-oriented and internationally compatible invincible team
合作理念 Cooperation Philosophy
Sincerity + Capability
With scientific and effective management concept, stable and reliable professional quality, Delian Group is the appointed supplier to both domestic and international well-known brand car production plant. Our competence in OEM fully interprets the ability of being a “world–class quality chemicals”.
We would like to serve the carmakers and drivers heart and soul. While developing ourselves, we maintain a closely and mutually beneficial relationship with the society and consumers, and try our best to make a harmless and harmonious green chemical world.
Delian Group, through perfect technical cooperation with top environmental protection chemical enterprises, fells in line with international level. We endeavor to maintain a healthy homeland for mankind, contribute to environmental protection, bring the auto industry to a greener world with advanced know-how and set a good example to the domestic automobile sector.
We aim to provide professional service to automobile world. No matter internationally renowned carmakers or respectable drivers, Delian does care and would like to provide quality service to you.